Reply To: 為什麼石鼓洲不可有焚化爐簡要 Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator Island wrong because


Judging by info from Elvis Au, deputy director of Environmental Protection Department, seems the government decided an artificial island by Shek Kwu Chau should be site for incinerator, and then concocted reasons in support of this.

Four reasons, all poor; I can only remember three right now.

– Downwind of the main population centre

– Sharing facilities among districts of Hong Kong

– Central location of Shek Kwu Chau, so convenient for transport of waste

Downwind? But surely you say the emissions will be wonderful and clean…

Sharing facilities? Hahaha, just look at our hospital (say); does this mean only share bad facilities? [If govt saying it's sharing a good facility, well we're kind people on CC and happy to let someone else have the benefit of incinerator on doorstep…]

To really share, need more; such as at Waste Transfer Stations (as Hung Wing Tat suggested)

As to central location of Shek Kwu Chau

– well, that's good isn't it?

Pick up a map of Hong Kong, look in the middle of it, and what do you see? …

Another contradiction: they say it's to southwest (downwind), away from population centre; and yet – by magic! – it is also right in the middle, very convenient for transport

No good reasons from Elvis for not siting at Central, beside new govt buildings; doing so would show government's confidence in incineration, and sincerity in wanting to protect Hong Kong's natural environment.

– only real reason being all those committee decisions, which led to this terrible plan.

There's an English "saying" about camel being "a horse designed by a committee"

No leadership from government!

Main officials hiding away, sending Elvis Au and others as the people in public.