Reply To: Hong Kong people vs Shek Kwu Chau Mega-Incinerator


just sent this email; maybe self expanatory

Dear ACE EIA sub-committee member:

I've just learned that you will again discuss the IWMF ["Integrated Waste Management Facility"] plans tomorrow, 5 Dec.

Hope you will have an opportunity to thoroughly discuss the issue, which has a host of massive problems you are doubtless aware of, including:

– Not integrated

– Huge expense, with massive funding into just one option that amounts to little more than a giant, non-stop fire

– Threatens wildlife including Indo-Pacific porpoise, which is globally Vulnerable to extinction (drawing lines on map won't help it!)

– Threatens best fishing ground near Cheung Chau

– Will create monstrosity in currently beautiful area of Hong Kong, which govt earmarked for conservation and leisure tourism

– Nearby residents opposed

– Will not tackle Hong Kong's pressing waste problems

– Now want two incinerators

– Things have moved on since incineration first looked good option for Hong Kong: anaerobic digestion more used, plasma waste disposal showing great promise; mega-incinerators could seem antiquated by the time Incinerator Island becomes ready for operation

– Takes long time before operational

By contrast: it is very hard to come up with much in the way of support for the project. Mega-incinerators seem only a superficial solution to Hong Kong's waste problem.

… and yes, I know you are aware of all this. Perhaps, then, you will speak up, and help put the "Environment" in ACE.

Attached joint statement may be of some interest; indicates there is opposition from groups and individuals across Hong Kong.

I hope you can play a part in ensuring Hong Kong adopts a wise, modern and comprehensive approach to waste management, which citizens can support and be proud of.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Martin Williams


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