Reply To: Shek Kwu Chau incinerator project will kill wildlife


Another letter in SCM Post (not from me):

As visitors from Australia to Hong Kong, staying on lovely Cheung Chau island, we were dismayed to hear of the proposed Shek Kwu Chau mega-incinerator on reclaimed land among these beautiful and popular islands.

This is a highly inappropriate place for an incinerator.

It would be an ugly fit amongst these lovely islands, and it would greatly add to the notorious air pollution in the city.

This is our third visit to Hong Kong, which we like very much, but we sometimes suffer from asthma here due to the air pollution.

We are concerned that the proposed incinerator will accentuate respiratory problems for residents and tourists, and make the city a less appealing destination.

Hong Kong is forward looking in many ways.

Therefore, we find it surprising that sustainable ways of dealing with waste do not have precedence over an old-fashioned, expensive and polluting incinerator.

Many countries have adopted the three principles of reducing, reusing and recycling materials, such as paper, metals, plastic, timber, used cooking oil and lubricants, and also composting food and green waste and capturing methane for fuel.

This is a modern, advanced society that should be adopting sustainable ways of dealing with waste.

Nina and Brian Earl, Melbourne, Australia