Reply To: Hong Kong people vs Shek Kwu Chau Mega-Incinerator


Another email to ACE, before meeting on 30 Dec:

Dear member of ACE:

In obtaining my PhD in physical chemistry from Cambridge University, UK, I conducted experiments in which a powerful electrical discharge blasted water molecules apart, and I then monitored concentrations of hydroxyl radicals (using a laser).

This background helps explain my strong interest in plasma arc technologies – in which molecules are likewise blasted apart – for helping deal with Hong Kong's waste problems.

The basic chemistry is radically different to the use of mass burn incineration planned for Hong Kong.

Importantly, even separation beforehand will have a profound influence on the chemistry. Way less potential problems with cadmium, mercury and so on.

Then, instead of creating a hideous cocktail of noxious chemicals that are either vented from a giant chimney, or mixed in with powdery ash, the gaseous components are simplified, and the remainder become set in material like glassy rock.

With plasma arch tech, the chemicals in the resulting gases can be used to generate power; or to create organic fuels such as ethanol or even jet fuel.

Hong Kong has heard from and been powerfully influenced by mass burn incinerator salesmen.

You have discovered that AECOM Hong Kong knows next to nothing about plasma arc technologies, even as in the US AECOM notes that "this technology is not only environmentally friendly but ready for large-scale commercialization."

Isn't it time that Hong Kong heard from experts in plasma arc technologies?

– so by 2018, we can have a modern, holistic waste management system in place; and not some outdated monstrosity where porpoises once swam?