Reply To: New Moth, Hong Kong Endemic, under immediate threat from habitat loss



You, obviously, have not read the Technical Memorandum on Effluent Standards to a sufficient depth to understand what it is saying. You seem to be confusing paragraphs 8 and 9.

Paragraph 8 describes effluent standards into Inland Waters. Paragraph 8.6 does, indeed say that “the tables do not apply to household septic tanks” but goes on to say that “the general prohibitions still apply”. The “tables” referred to give the concentrations of pollutants and so the implication is that the general provisions apply irrespective of the efficiency of the septic tank system and the quality of the effluent. This information may well be of use to those campaigners wishing to limit development at Pak Sha O, which forms a catchment area for a water supply

Meanwhile, paragraph 9, which deals with “Discharges to Coastal Waters” and which applies to the Hoi Ha situation, does not contain any exemption from the regulations. Paragaph 9.1 states, quite unambiguously that “No new effuluent will be allowed:……. within 200m of the seaward boundary of a marine fish culture zone or site of special scientific interest, and within 100m of landward boundaries”.

Thus, the SCMP was quite correct in its reporting and the Govewrnment should not be allowing the siting of new septic tanks within 100 metres of Hoi Ha Wan SSSI.

David & Nicola NEWBERY