Reply To: Po Toi merits country park status


I wrote to govt departments (Lands?) to support proposal for Po Toi Country Park; received this reply:

Our ref:  AF GR CPA 10/29

Dear Sir/Madam,

I refer to your recent e-mail to this Department concerning Po Toi.

Please be advised that whether an area is suitable for designation as a country park should be assessed against the established principles and criteria, which include conservation value, landscape and aesthetic value, recreation potential, size, proximity to existing country parks, land status and existing land use.  Views of the Country and Marine Parks Board (the Board) on the assessment should also be sought.

Po Toi was first identified to have potential for country park designation by the Planning Department in 1993. This Department commissioned a study in 1999 which concluded that Po Toi would be suitable for country park designation.  The study was also endorsed by the Board in 2000. Due to the priority of the various designation proposals, the designation of Po Toi as a country park has yet to be initiated. Nevertheless, we have conducted various biodiversity surveys on Po Toi during the past decade, and confirm the ecological value of the Island.   

This Department would take the views and comments from members of the public, the latest development and planning of Po Toi, as well as the resource availability to consider the priority of the proposal to designate Po Toi as a country park.  At present, there is no definite plan to designate Po Toi as a new country park.

Thank you for your care towards countryside conservation.



Country Parks Officer

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department








(葉國樑  代行)