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(綜合報道)(星島日報報道)海峰環保教育基金創辦人郭秀雲(Sharon)聯同海下之友創辦人Nicola Newbery、Martin Williams博士及撐香港經理陳牀琼昨日出序宣揚保護海下及呼籲公眾反對城規會海下分區計畫大綱草圖記招。

  郭秀雲表示10多年前曾到訪該處進行珊瑚礁普查,未有深入了解及投入海洋保育行動,至近月與相關人士結伴再訪海下才得着甚多,並希望藉此喚起大 眾市民的關注:「不明何解我由沙灘行出去約50步路就是海,但地圖卻不承認那裏是海,他們(政府)想在那裏建60間屋,不算多亦不算少,卻剛好可破壞整個 海洋生態,結果只有建築商得益,香港人沒有甚麼得益,如能讓更多市民關注,那政府就不會不理吧!我的下一步就是嘗試帶點國際性的迴響予海下灣,如能將它列 為歷史文物就更易於保護該區。」

  文、圖:Jazz Chow


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"Hoi Ha Wan Guo Xiuyun conservation concern

Sing Tao Daily, Sing Tao Daily – 2 hours 44 minutes ago

(Roundup ) ( Sing Tao Daily reported ) Haifeng Environmental Education Foundation founder Guo Xiuyun (Sharon) in conjunction with the Friends of the founders under the sea Nicola Newbery, Dr. Martin Williams and support Hong Kong manager Chen bed Joan yesterday the sequence aired down and urged the public to oppose the city to protect the sea Outline Zoning plan draft regulation would mind trick under the sea .

Guo Xiuyun said that 10 years ago, visited the department conducted Reef Check , no in-depth understanding of and commitment to marine conservation actions in recent months to revisit together with related parties under the sea was too much, and hope to arouse the concern of the general public : " unknown why not me by the beach for about 50 paces away is the sea , but the map does not recognize there is the sea, they ( the government ) want to be there to build 60 Kan Uk , not many are not too small, but just could destroy the entire marine ecosystem the result is only builders benefit Hong Kong people no benefit , such as to allow more public concern , and that the government would not ignore it ! My next step is to try a little international reverberations Hoi Ha Wan , such as it can be classified as historical artifacts makes it easier to protect the area . "

Man , Figure : Jazz Chow

■ promote the protection of Hoi Ha Wan Guo Xiuyun for protection of our environment "