Reply To: Pak Sha O threatened by developer


googling re the intriguing Mr Lau, found this re a court case in which he was defendant:

I found the defendant a most evasive witness, more often than not failing to give an answer to the questions put to him by Mr John Swaine, and sometimes pausing significantly before answering a simple question which required the answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  He gave me the clear impression that he was prepared to temper his evidence according to the prevailing wind.  The story he put forward is so contrived as to be lacking in reality.  He ran this business as his own fiefdom.  He had had the money from the plaintiff and simply used it as he thought fit without any regard to the plaintiff’s interest.  He seems to have had no conception of how to treat properly an “investment” of the proportions made by the plaintiff.  His contrived picture of a properly run business with the plaintiff employed at the hub of affairs was a charade. An effort was made to suggest that a bundle of documents – some of which clearly had the official mark of some record office or registry on the Mainland – which had come into the plaintiff’s possession most properly, as I find, from his Mainland lawyers involved on his behalf in the litigation on the Mainland, concerning the tenancy of part of the premises used for the hotel project ‑ indicated that he was heavily involved with the running of the Management Company.  I reject that contention as unreal.

On that I part company with Mr. Chan.  I find the plaintiff entirely credible and the defendant, for the most part, just not credible save where he confirms expressly or by implication in his evidence that the plaintiff was to have shares to represent his investment.

I see Lau appealed the verdict, and lost; with judge comments including:

The Judge has also pointed to the fact that the defendant has not produced any documentary evidence to show what had become of the payments made by the plaintiff after the cheques were deposited into the defendant’s bank account.

Might be of interest;

including, perhaps, to anyone who isn’t sure if should have business dealings w Mr Lau…  …