Reply To: East Lantau Metropolis the Bankrupt Hong Kong Tomorrow Vision articles


Carrie Lam’s “Lantau Tomorrow Vision” makes no sense in terms of its scale, timelines and costs. Meanwhile, many objections to it make good sense

The government’s rationale makes no sense. Meanwhile, many objections make good sense. Here are the most salient ones summarised by land activist Tom Yam:

● Exorbitant cost, possibly to the tune of HK$1 trillion;

● Depletion of fiscal reserve;

● Compromising the welfare of future generation by taking money away them;

● Damage to the environment;

● Catering to special interests;

● Influence by “small circles” interests such as former chief executive Tung Chee-hwa’s Our Hong Kong Foundation;

● Overcapacity for a planned population of 9.4 million when the maximum could be 8.2 million.