2 Day Camping Trip (ADVICE NEEDED)

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      Hi all,

      I’m new to HK and love the outdoors. My girlfriend and I were thinking about a 2 day 1 night camping trip over the CNY period; I’m guessing the trails should be rather empty then.

      From the reviews and feedback I’ve gotten, I’m leaning towards the eastern part of NT. Start somewhere near Ma On Shan and end up in Sai Wan village

      A couple of questions:

      1) Is the above feasible?
      2) If it is, how should I go about doing it? I have been looking for trail maps and the sorts but have not been able to find anything. Any assistance here would be great.
      3) For the amount of time we’re talking about, would any of you recommend? We’re not adverse to spending another day out there if there is something great we should not miss.

      Thanks so much for your time.



      Hi Kenneth:

      That’s a fair distance to cover with camping gear, I think – tho someone like Charlie may advise on this.
      Maybe take it easier for an early outing in HK – could camp at Ngong Ping, west of Ma On Shan.

      Not sure trails will be so quiet over CNY.

      There are great maps in Countryside Series from hk govt – Central Post Office among places to try for these; if not, Murray Building near lower Peak Tram stn, or some bookshops.

      Hope this helps.


      Oh – and, of course, my hiking guide Hong Kong Pathfinder could be a boon during your stay ;)

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        Hi Kenneth …

        If you around at each weekend of CNY, then see the post of Tung Ping Chau … I’m sure you and your g/f would love a night there



          Martin: Cheers for the heads up. I’ve just bought maps for the area from the Maps Dept, didn’t realised they had an office right opposite mine.

          Tom: I’m flying back from NZ on the 18th and we were thinking about heading out for the 18th and 19th; possibly 20th, so Tung Ping Chau might be out for this trip. However the island does seem great for a weekend getaway. General questions:

          1) There doesn’t seem to be any other transport but the public ones on the weekends yes?

          2) Do you have to be self sufficient for food and water or are there shops you can buy these off on the island?



            Right about transport …

            You can get food and drink on the island no problem



              Cheers Tom!!

              So basically bring a tent, sleeping bag and you’re set.

              Fires at the camp site? I’ve been reading many places in HK doesn’t allow open fires…


              Hiking from Ma On Shan to Siu Sai Wan is a long hike along Stages 3&2 (M. Trail backwards) and fairly tough with camping gear.
              However camping at Siu Sai Wan is great and there is a superb seaside restaurant there, where he can do full English Breakfast..if you bring the ingredients..otherwise the usual. Last time I had to swim out to the boat as someone forgot the eggs…..
              There is also a bus that leaves from the Pagoda, nearby. Owner(Tommy?) has timetable and the bus departs back to SaiKung.
              Might suggest hiking from Pak Tam Chung/Au over Lok Wu Plateau.
              Otherwise consider camping at Long Kei (if you like beaches) or have a good look over the maps and choose any one of numerous campsites. Remember to bring water, gas/stove etc and warm clothing.

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