Amphibian carpet wins harbourfront design contest

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    Winner of Designing Hong Kong Harbour competition looks real interesting.
    Dunno if mangroves really so practical along north shore of Victoria Harbour (as wonder if can grow in such a place, without streams – tho hopefully this has been considered). But if manage something like this, could be splendid.
    Not that I see it happening; govt and big bosses here too in love with concrete!

    From info on the plan:

    The proposal intends to restore the originally hard-edged city waterfront into a permeable coastal urban and wetland development, which smoothly integrates aquatic habitat with infrastructure and buildings. Hong Kong has a wide range of native vegetation and about 20 different species of mangrove. A ¡¥carpet¡¦ strategy that holds lush vegetation above and partly submerges into the harbor is introduced. Along the coastline, the carpet becomes a series of lagoon and sheltered embayment and forms an ecological system that constructively helps cleaning the water for Victoria Harbor. Along the urban edge, the green carpet stretches into the city, and plugs into the existing footbridge system on upper levels, allowing a smooth access from the city to shoreline.

    – here, you can comment and vote on this plan, and on others in the top five.

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