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      I'm new to camping in Hong Kong and I'm looking for camping equipment stores – not too expensive – any suggestions? I've also roamed SZ and GZ but seems there is little choice though I did find a very good 3-person tent in GZ for $160. :laugh:

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      Hi Andy:

      Welcome to HK Outdoors!

      I rarely camp, have little gear, so don’t know so much re the stores.
      But one store I sometimes use – as has fair range of gear, plus an outlet that’s convenient for me (in Wanchai), is ProTrek.
      Info on the company: [ul][/ul]

      Maybe others can suggest more shops; I’ve some memories of street in Mong Kok where there are several outdoors shops; quick google search, and seems this is Fa Yuen Street.
      (I must go and check it out, add to Need to Know Basics).

      Hope you find a good store, and report back to us.



        I’ve been purchasing from several shops quite close to each other in the street off Argyle street – street parallel to sports shop street which is parallel to ‘womens street’. Make sure that you compare the prices as I have made a mistake of purchasing something and then seeing the same item in a near by shop for 15% less!


          Try RC Outfitters near Exit D2 Mongkok. They have a whole range of camping gear, reasonably priced.


            I’m also a new comer here.
            Hope this one will be useful to you.
            My friend recommended this to me.

            www dot

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            hmm, this thread had covered stores in Hong Kong; the above looks like a spam post about an online, US site

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              If you manage to pick up a copy of The List (the magazine that knows) there is a whole section on How to enjoy Hong Kong’s great outdoors.
              Also a list (unsurprisingly) of many camping shops.
              Issue 10 November 15-30 2005, and can be found at many outlets along with HK magazine. Yes its free.
              Don’t forget to read the info provided by Martin William and Charles Frew….again! (pages 20-21).


                I found a number of stores selling camping equipment on Fa Yuen Street. The one I like most is World Sports Co., 83 Fa Yuen Street, 1/F. The staff is very helpful.


                I found this thread helpful for my HK visit last week (Nov 2006).

                Yes, World Sports Co is a good small sized store. It looks like a family run business, and the staff was indeed helpful.

                The other shop I liked was the chain Chamonix Alpine Equipment – their new store is located just round the corner from World Sports Co (a corner unit – I don’t remember the street). They had a promotion where if you spend above HKD300, everything is 20% off. I ended up going to the shop 3 times, each time enjoying the 20% :P

                Pro Trek along Nathan Rd, near Mong Kok MTR is another shop I visited. More of the same type stuff (different brand) from the above 2 shops, and I had already purchased most of the equipment I wanted from World Sports and Chamonix.



                Hi Jack:

                Many thanks for the additional info; and glad this thread helped.



                  Hello, I would like to buy an altimeter and I don’t know I place in HK where I can find it. Could you help me please?


                  I’ve only just noticed this was published as a comment, also as a query to me: I suggested Protrek, as some memory of buying an altimeter there years ago.


                    after searching for a while I found a good store called works sports company. It was up a floor of fa yuen street


                      I’ve seen SILVA altimeter and wind gauge in RC Outfitters.


                        Hello. I will be visiting HK in February and I am hoping to buy TNF daypacks. Anyone know of shops that sell them aside from the ones already mentioned here? Thanks!

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