CAMPING in Hong Kong!!!

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      :blink: Hi I must be crazy but we are thinking of camping for new years. Anyone know of an amazing campsite other than directly on the beach? :unsure:

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      Hi Zar:

      Welcome to HK Outdoors!

      Haven’t camped here myself (yet), but a couple of campsites I’ve passed that seem good are Man Cheung Po, southwest Lantau; and Ngong Ping below Ma On Shan.

      Hope others add ideas.



      There is a great spot on top of Sunset Peak (nevermind the hike up there) amongst all the old cattle sheds. Other spots you might consider are: Hoi Ha Wan and even Sham Chung. Great weather for it.


        no camping in shum chung now, cos the land is now used for playing golf.


          There is a great spot at Sham Chung, just along the waterfront behind the sea wall. Couple of grassy patches to pitch your tent on, hear the lapping waves and watch some great fauna (white bellied sea eagle, egrets etc). Also have the added luxury of picking up supplies from the 2 innkeepers behind the golf course – e.g cold tsingtao


          Hi Charlie!

          Which camping sites you recommend for anchoring your boat off and camp overnight?

          Secondly ,can a Non Marina member anchor in the Marinas in Sai Kung area or Typhoon sheleters? Does one need a special permission before doing so?

          Thanks for your feedback!


          There are lots to choose from:
          All in Sai Kung area including Millionaire’s Bay, Bluff Island, Snake Bay, and even as far up as Crescent Island in Double Haven. Make sure you check the tides as some beaches are nearly covered at mega high tide.
          You are free to anchor in all typhoon shelters, but don’t use the govt moorings. And not sure on Marinas…doubt it.
          Let me know when you are thinking of heading out..might join you.


            I’m also looking for campsites in hk – so thanks for all the interesting replys to this message.
            I’ve seen people camping on beaches – is this legal? if so is it legal on every beach and are there any particular restrictions (i.e time etc)? Are there particular beaches that are better to stay on?
            Also – for camping in general, are there any maps/ books that might help me to find specific sites?


            Hi Kate:

            I don’t know re legality; not even sure re ownership of beaches – tho I know the designated swimming beaches have plenty of restrictions (no dogs, no ball games, no this or that; just sit there and behave).

            Best beaches for camping would have to be those in wilder areas. Tai Wan at Sai Kung said to be great for this; Ham Tin restaurants can be a boon here (even renting tents, I believe).

            Seen beach on Double Island that I was told makes grand campsite: tough to access though, as need boat to get there.

            A small beach just south of Shui Hau, Lantau, also comes to mind (tho I’m yet to camp in HK – at Shui Hau, stayed in holiday bungalows).

            Countryside Series maps indicate main, official campsites in country parks. Sites I’ve visited and look good to me include Cheung Sheung (in hills of western Sai Kung Peninsula), Ngong Ping (below Ma On Shan), Lai Chi Chong on north coast Sai Kung Peninsula [near small ferry pier; not sure if official site, or just camping in former fields], and Man Cheung Po, in hills of southwest Lantau.



              Hey martin!

              Thanks for the useful info on favourite sites in HK, I’ve aslo found the AFCD website – which looks like it might be a mine of information – also providing downloadable maps…


              but its always good to know which ones are actually nice!

              Went to Long Coast Seasports, Cheung Sha beach, on Lantau this weekend (thats when I saw the people camping on the beach) – really recommend LCS to anyone who needs some time away from HK island, its really good value!


              Hey all

              Has anyone ever tried just sleeping on a beach using a basic sleeping bag, rather than pitching a whole tent. I notice a lot of beaches on various islands which u have to climb over some rock to get to, and I have gotten there climbing said rocks.

              I would like to try to just crash overnight on one of these beaches. It would probably be sometime in late April that I would have time to attempt this, but any advice from folks who have done this would be appreciated….



              Slept just near a beach, on Chek Lap Kok (before most of it converted to rubble) – as I recall, just sleeping bag on a mat.
              Did sleep on just campbed, outside village store place on CLK – v pleasant.

              Should be fine, I’d think, if temp doesn’t drop surprisingly.
              – hopefully sand helping deter beasties like snakes n centipedes!



                I know this post is outdated but I was curious if anyone can help me with locating a free place to camp, with sleeping bag only, near Stanley Beach. Please mail me at [email protected] because forums plus blogs are new to me and I was unsure how to see if anyone replied to me. Thanks for your time and assistance in this matter. Sorry to bother or inconvenience you.

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