Cheung Chau Road Widening

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    So reading this morning’s The Sun I’m noticing a couple of major projects affecting the environment of Cheung Chau. One is the extension of outflow tubes for "rain water" to extend 300m out in TungWan and KwunYam Wan. The other is the widening for Emergency Vehicle Access for a large number of streets to 4.5m  graphic of stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3 operations for road widening.  seems it is being done partially in the name of improved tourism.


    Hi Tom: Thanks for this. Yes, there are works underway here, but hopefully once they’re over, Cheung Chau will look v similar. Certainly nothing like the impact of a once-proposed scheme to widen all Peak Road – I believe that was to involve knocking down several houses and so on. Shot here from a street near Pak Tei temple. Martin


    From a nearby road to Tung Wan Beach; road just beyond here has been resurfaced, with bricks – looking better than it did before.


    And here, shot with some works that have been underway for some time, along Tung Wan beach; I figure related to the new, longer outfall.


    Here’s work underway in front of Pak Tei Temple; been some time now, as large pipe laid here. Messy now, but once resurfaced should be ok I think.

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