Cheung Chau – small yet fascinating Hong Kong island

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    Thank you very much for this valuable information [in article on Cheung Chau].

    I was there on Saturday morning and had a wonderful time doing the trails, having a swim at the beach and finishing it with a nice meal at the western resturant & dessert resturant near the ferry terminal.

    All under the full moon.

    It would be more helpful if the island’s mail and trail can be hosted here as well. It would have save us a few wrong turns (and up hill climb).

    Cheers & have a great week ahead

    Jimmy Ng


    Hi Jimmy:

    Glad the info helped you have a good day.

    “mail and trail” – even googling that, came up w little success.
    But yes, maybe in time I’ll see about linking to map etc.
    Tho forthcoming “green guide” from HK Tourism Board I helped write should include Cheung Chau, briefly, with map.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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