China Ghost City may show future for East Lantau Metropolis

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    An island built with grandiose plans for housing, businesses, industry – creating a city out of the sea…

    Sound like Hong Kong’s plans for East Lantau Metropolis?

    Well, also the plan for Caofeidian, by Tianjin in e China – shamelessly called an “eco city” despite involving destruction of wetland that supported great numbers of birds inc threatened species.

    SCM Post just reported on the place:

    Eleven years ago, Caofeidian, part of the Hebei city of Tangshan, was touted as the answer to Beijing’s pollution problems ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games. But its investment boom ended abruptly in recent years, leaving behind unfinished buildings and massive debts.

    There’s more online, including

    Caofeidian, the Chinese eco-city that became a ghost town – in pictures

    Yes, there’s to be a “feasibility study” for the Mad Metropolis; but given that the proponent – the government – will pay, can surely predict the outcome of this.

    What’s the real feasibility?

    Does Hong Kong need a third Central Business District? [Do we already really have two?] Or is there demand to live in such a place; an island threatened by rising sea levels and storm surges even while still “just” a dream.


    Clearly, the metropolis will be the most expensive infrastructure project in Hong Kong’s history, probably costing as much as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, the high-speed railway to Guangzhou and the third runway combined. Yet the government has not explained why the project is necessary, other than the anodyne rationale of “strategic long-term growth”.

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