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    Here are some of the comments we’ve received on Explore Wild Hong Kong! – the 28-minute film co-produced by Charles Frew and me, with support from Cathay Pacific, and now available on DVD. More info: Explore Wild Hong Kong!

    You can watch the video on YouTube: Explore Wild Hong Kong.
    I think the photography is excellent… very informative… I found it very interesting.

    Phil Keoghan, host, The Amazing Race

    It is my view this video is required viewing for residents as well as tourists and others who are interested in Hong Kong.

    Eric Bohm, CEO, World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong

    A heartfelt tribute to the greener side of the city that few visitors never even know.

    Steve White, Managing Editor, Action Asia Magazine

    Looks like a real Pro job – well done!
    …and onward to the next one…

    Hugh “the Music” Trethowan

    Got the DVD, it is lovely. …
    Looking forward to your second production.

    Loy Ho, founder of Lantau Post

    “Martin it is brilliant, I liked the way it moved smoothly from one area to another, without lingering too long on unecessary filming, eg. eating and conversation. that of course taking into account the amount of editing which had to be done, though it.s a pity it was not an hour long, from my point of view.
    No doubt you will have thoughts on that. Still it.s great, and having been ourselves to many of the areas filmed, even better.”
    Derek Williams (my dad)

    Thanks for the DVD. I think that it is excellent – which says something coming from a one time student of the cinema – and still critical.

    Eric Spain

    Many thanks for the copy. All the Mai Po staff sat down to watch it last week during lunchtime and had a good laugh at my HK tv debut.

    Bena Smith, Mai Po

    Many thank for the EXPLORE!!, great job.

    Percy Fung, Digital Magic

    have watched the DVD and I love it a lot!!! Not my part but with all those green areas covered!!!!! Cool~

    Tak Ching, HK Dolphinwatch


    great dvd and I want to send it to everyone.

    our little group of everyones means……………all the people at my uni in the USA ( I am studying arts and nature science, HK is my perpetual living example !!) the mandarin fishing club via ERic , teachers and principals at HKIS ( will suggest they use it for recruitment purposes) I will show it on my large artroom projector screen this friday during a ” Living in HK ” Happy Hour for teachers newly arrived here.

    Katie Flowers and Eric Sampson

    Thank you for the DVD. I’ve watched it and it’s really impressive.

    Miriam Lee, Hong Kong Discovery

    By the way I watched the DVD, its great, thanks.

    Kate Eshelby, travel photojournalist

    Pat and I watched with rapt attention late afternoon today and it’s wonderful! Both you, Martin, and your brother have done a FANTASTIC job! Congrats!

    Judy Love Eastham

    If you’ve seen it too, maybe add comment below.


    From Chris Caldwell:

    Wild Hong Kong was inspirational, in fact, I’ve been to both Mai Po and Bride’s Pool over the week and was loving it. The only way it could have been better is if you and I had a mock fight scene at the TST Walk of Stars in front of Bruce Lee. The sequel maybe.

    From Sam Lee:

    Hi Charlie,

    Just finished watching your DVD, it’s nice and very informative. I like the parts introducing the Bluff Is. and MaiPo wetland. You look quite serioius in the video,should add more smile:)



    From Heather Ruxton:

    loved the Hong Kong DVD, it was such a great idea to show the beautiful
    natural side to such an incredible place!

    Email just in, from Au Cheong Hang, titled “Love the DVD”:

    Hi I’ve heard about Explore Wild Hong Kong DVD from WWF HK email. Bought it, our family watched it and really appreciate the work. I’ve been to many of the places mentioned in the video, finally someone put them together to show to people some of the best samples of wilderness in here. Well done and thanks!

    I forwarded the email to Lew Young, director of Mai Po Nature Reserve, and he replied, including:

    I’m not surprised that you’re getting good reviews. There is nothing else like it to promote the ‘wild’ side of HK and it’s a good DVD anyway. Its also selling very well in the WWF outlets

    Via google, just come across blog post (by Auch, who I figure is Au Cheong Hang, quoted above) advising:

    Get this DVD now! … I’m very happy to see that there’re people who think Hong Kong’s wilderness worths a documentary film, and actually do the filming to publish it!

    Get this DVD!

    Also just received email from Bill Butcher, to whom I’d sent a copy of the DVD; includes:

    Thanks — safely received, with a beautifully produced pull-out.

    Another comment, here from Rosemary Bell, whom I’d taken on a birding trip:

    I’ve just enjoyed the video. The photography was terrific and the activities and places chosen were varied and likely to appeal to many different people. I especially liked the birds (of course), the underwater scenes and the kayaking, but the scenery was great too. I recognised the bicycle shop and the fellow riding on one wheel (I am not quite sure what that trick is called), the waterfalls, Plover Cove and Luk Kang.
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