Corporate denial of global warming and impacts

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    The denial industry

    The oil giant ExxonMobil gives money to scores of organisations that claim
    the science on global warming is inconclusive – which it isn’t. It’s a
    strategy that has set back action on climate change by a decade, and it
    involves the same people who insist that passive smoking is harmless,
    reveals George Monbiot in the first of three extracts from his new book

    George Monbiot
    Tuesday September 19 2006
    The Guardian (U.K. newspaper),,1876540,00.html,,1875762,00.html

    Time to put pressure on ExxonMobil, their cronies and their products?

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    Hi Roger: Thanks for this; I’d seen fair amount re ExxonMobil being among funders of climate change pooh-poohers – Western Fuels another. Surprised, though, Britain’s Royal Society has publicly rebuffed ExxonMobil over this, in the article you gave link to: Royal Society tells Exxon: stop funding climate change denial

    To me, past time that pressure put on ExxonMobil and others. Though googling, I find article inc this:

    A campaign against the stance of the world’s largest oil company on global warming received a major boost Tuesday when a veteran leader of the corporate accountability movement introduced a shareholder resolution calling for the board of ExxonMobil to rein in its controversial top executive and chairman, Lee Raymond.

    Shareholder Attack on ExxonMobil’s Climate Policy Gets Big Boost – which is from 2001.

    In January this year, Greenpeace article: Hot year for Exxon, planet Global profits, global temperatures: both soaring


    Greenpeace has set up remarkable site [Monbiot mentions], Exxon Secrets – best if have flash, to view web of connections within climate denial industry.

    On my DocMartin website, I have threads re climate change, inc:

    Global warming is well underway Global warming a baby boomer, yuppie thing (?) – on some sceptics, inc David Bellamy, who’s gone quiet re warming, inc after attack by George Monbiot.

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