Eagle-killing wind turbines – Norway now, hk later

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    Norwegian tv recently aired a show on wind turbines in coastal areas of Norway, inc them injuring and killing birds including eagles.
    – It’s surely likely that turbines built here would likewise kill birds, including White-bellied Sea-Eagles, which frequent our coasts, and are already rather scarce.

    Page here inc photo with dead eagle:
    (link at right to “se siste sending” leads to screen where can view the programme; it’s a bit slow going – and in Norwegian! – but do see dead birds; also groups of turbines in coastal areas: may be foretaste of things to come in Hong Kong, where areas suggested for turbine projects include sea near the Ninepin Group)

    This comes not long after news that the trial wind turbine on Lamma Island has not produced good results; seems there’s too little wind here, overall.

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