Eclipse for 22 July 2009

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    The largest solar eclipse in Hong Kong since 1958 will take place July 22, the Hong Kong Observatory says.

    If the weather is fine it will be visible as a partial eclipse in Hong Kong from 8.15am to 10.46am, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 9.26am when 75% of the sun’s diameter will be blocked by the moon.

    As the sun’s elevation is high the eclipse will be visible in most places with an unobstructed view to the east. However, to avoid eye damage the Observatory warns people not to look directly at the sun or through telescopes. A safer way is to project the sun’s image through a pinhole or a telescope onto a piece of white paper or cardboard and view the projection.

    Solar eclipse set for July 22


    Looks like weather will be good for the partial eclipse.

    Can’t view such an eclipse directly – or can harm retina.

    Checking online, I’ve found this info which may be useful:

    How to view a partial eclipse


      now is 830am. Setup my humble camera with dual Polarizing filters & -2EV on the camera. Sun is still too bright to look thru this make shift contraption.


      8.50 am: image projected onto paper thro binoculars shows eclipse is beginning

      eclipse 2009


        Martin, what’s the latest update?


        Another shot, at 9.26 am – when eclipse scheduled to be at maximum in Hong Kong. Two sun images – one thro each tube of binoculars. Again, projected onto white paper (in shadow from binoculars, my hand, n leg I rested bins on). Hard to tell if sunlight dimmer, even w this coverage by moon.

        HK eclipse 22 July 2009


        Here are some shots from Tsuen Wan.




        Finally @ the maximum possible (about 927 – 930am)

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