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      How many of the 55 itineraries (6 detailed) of your new Eco-map did you manage to cover in the Explore Wild Hong Kong video?

      Looking forward to getting copies of both.

      Well done.

      Hong Kong


      Hi Richard:

      Quick count, and looks like we manaaged 14 sites (including Chinese white dolphins as a “site”) for the video.
      Hope you like the map as n when you collect one.



        And if you can get your hands on the DVD Explore Wild Hong Kong! (mind you have a feeling it will be sold out) then it will compliment the map even more and you will be able to see the route the team took and what activities they got upto.
        The Eco-map and DVD will be an incredible asset to inbound tourists looking for an alternative HK. Shoudn’t be long now.


          Thanks Martin and Charles,

          Certainly looking forward to having both valuable products in hand.

          Where can I place my order for your video in particular? Any signed copies? ;-)



          now, don’t you go thinking you’ll get a discount simply for having a dvd despoiled by my scribble :P

          I’ll email notice around hkoutdoors members once dvd’s ready (and it isn’t finished; jobs to do seem minor but will take time)


        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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