Fishing Holiday in Malaysia

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    Morning guys! :laugh:
    This is my first post in, hope to meet some anglers here. coz i’m one of the crazy anglers in Malaysia. so, hope we can exchange some fishing experience among each others, ok? :blink:

    cut the story short, actually I’m running my own business here. introducing Fishing game in malaysia. but of course, we are doing C & R, (catch and release, so our children can FISH ;) ).
    If any friends making any trip to Malaysia, can contact me with , i can arrange one day trip for fishing or half day. so we can have fun and exchange some fishing idea in different country.

    for those whoe keen to know about group fishing holiday, we are providing luxury fishing holiday for you. mainly freshwater and again, Catch and Release is recomended but you can bring home if you like. or why not BBQ the fish for dinner? 😆 because it’s breeding season for Giant Snakehead in malaysia now!!! :ohmy:

    so, hope to hear from you guys!
    let’s exchange some fishing experience ok!



    Exchange re experiences good; commerial promotions here not so good (unless pay for some adverts!)

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    Hi Martin,

    Appologize and it was my mistake.
    thanks for correcting me.

    so Martin, hows the ‘heat like in HK for ourdoor activities?
    where you guys going usually? do you have any trip for foreigner like me?
    let’s say, in the event, we might pay visit to your country, for purely exchange experience.
    or better still, group of forum member in malaysia will pay visit. For some real interactive among forum website member. hows that sound? :ohmy:

    hope to hear from you soon,




    Hi Joe:

    That’s ok; maybe me being over-sensitive anyway.

    Summer weather’s real hot n humid for doing much outside; good for swimming n so on. Tho lately, lots of rain and thunder.
    Autumn’s better; gets cooler, less humid (but some smog from China).

    I do some hiking, around HK.
    CharlieF, who posts pretty often, does some trips in his fancy boat, inc for offshore fishing (he’s done article on it, under Activities). Maybe he’ll post something about his latest fishing exploits.

    Would be great if you can get a group from Malaysia to visit. Dunno how much we can organise (unless on paid tour basis), but between us can likely help with info, meet up. I haven’t tried organising anything among members of hkoutdoors – this could be a fine excuse.



    HI Martin,
    it’s ok Martin, after all, it wsan’t so polite to ‘hard sell’ on my first post.
    I’ve totally forgot here (malaysia) 24×7 is HOTzzzzzzzzzz all the time. hahahha
    so paying visit to you guys with my member, has to re-arrange again. ;)
    coz some fella are old folks (althought 30++) hahah they cant take the cold~

    Actually i’m on IT industry, Technical Manager. but try getting out fo IT industry now. boring……. :dry:
    perhap, I’ve got myself transfer to Marketing dept now. try something news…. before totally transfer to ‘jungle man’ :laugh:

    on paid basis? sound ok for us. after all, there is no free meal. but if we can meet up, it will great! coz we are drinking SAME UP OF TEA hahah i mean same favor at least. ;)

    Anyway, thanks again!
    Enjoy your weekend………. Happy Father’s Day!



      Hi Joe
      Just got this information by serach…
      Do you still can provide fishing trip in Malaysia ??
      I and my friends have interest about it!

      Eason NG


        Hey I’m interested in learning more about fishing in Malaysia. I’m trying to go on a fellowship to look at traditional fishing communities and would love to make Malaysia one of my stops. I would love to find out more and hopefully make some contacts, so if you can, shoot me an email at [email protected].
        I’m interested in the trip!

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