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    Having been a subscriber to this site for more than 3 years, until now I only glanced at it when an email reminder arrived. However with the new site I decided to browse the forums (forae?) and to my surprise there is no mention of Geocaching as an outdoor activity in HK.  Rather than waste time describing it here I can better direct you to the main site   where you can read all about it.   I have been a Geocacher  for almost 3 years now, and on my last visits to Hong Kong and Macao found more than 10 of the 110+ geocaches that exist in HK.  Worldwide there are currently around 645,000 Geocaches available for you to find. The beauty of geocaching, which is a web-based pastime, is that it can take you to wild and beautiful places that are only known to local geocachers in the area, who are the ones responsible for creating the geocaches. I have been to places all over Europe which I would never have found if I had not been looking for geocaches.

         It is not the place here to go into the intricacies of the various types of geocache and the possibilities for mental as well as physical exercise, but suffice to say, if you are an Outdoor type that loves a challenge – try it and you will be hooked.  All you need is a good GPS and access to a computer and you can sign up. The sport is completely free, unless you want to take it a stage further when you become hooked and become a Premium member.  If you do take it up, look out for us – our name is ‘Team Caracache’ and check out our profile.

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