Hedley Env Index tracks costs of HK air pollution

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    The Hedley Environmental Index is designed to monitor and publish in real-time the level of air quality and the economic costs of Hong Kong’s air pollution in terms of its public health impact and monetary value.

    The Index has two functions:

    1. The Air Quality Tracker plots against the World Health Organization’s Air Quality Guidelines the real-time concentrations of four important air pollutants (PM10, NO2, SO2 and O3) measured by the Environmental Protection Department. It facilitates the graphical presentation of a historical series for each pollutant with an adjustable timeframe.

    2. The Hedley Environmental Index uses the data on air pollutants and public health statistics to estimate the daily burden of doctor visits, hospital admissions and deaths, and the associated monetary value on the Hong Kong community. By showing the external costs of air pollution for the whole community, we can demonstrate the benefits that would result from air quality improvement.

    A new version was released in October 2017: http://hedleyindex.hku.hk/

    To download the mobile app, please follow these links:

    1. Android: https://goo.gl/YfUEwr
    2. iOS: https://goo.gl/ofGGXk




      Hiya Martin, I actually had the pleasure of attending a seminar where Hedley was one of the speakers explained the index and the comparisons to WHO guidelines. Very interesting stuff. Great to see it here, not many people know of this.


      Debbie M.


      Hi Debbie:

      Maybe this was the day on air pollution, in HK Exibition Centre? I went too; a good event, with much enthusiasm, but sadly not big impact outside the room.

      Yes, index deserves to be better known. I suggested to Tony Hedley and colleague of his that might try some way to indicate more re people – individuals – dying and falling sick from air pollution. Right now, rather "dry" with numbers, I think: learn of lots of people sick/dying, but just numbers.


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