Hiking in southwest Lantau Island

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      [This thread origintated with article:on hiking sw Lantau]

      We plan to do the whole 12 stages of Lantau Island Track. Do we need to carry a BIG rucsac with all out overnight camping gear? Alternativly can we stay in tee house type accpodation along the way.


        To cover the 70 kms you will need to spend one night out in the open. I suggest pitching your tent in one of the many designated camping areas and spark up your gas stove. We have no tea houses as such.
        Remember to take sufficient water and keep an eye out for the weather/cold snaps.


        I’m late to reply, as been away.

        Know one guy who told me of running most of the trail in a day – reached southwest hills near Tai O, but darkness upon him so abandoned attempt on full trail.

        One way of avoiding camping could be to break journey at road, and take bus to accommodation, such as holiday flats at Shui Hau (Fung Wong Holiday Bungalows).


          This probably isn’t the place for it, but does anyone have good recommendations of holiday houses in Lantau over Easter?

          Martin, do you have the tel no. of Fung Wong holiday bungalows that I can have?


          Hi Angie: Welcome to HK Outdoors. There’s website for the bungalows, at (oops – July 05: seems to have disappeared!); tel 2980 2325 I stayed there some years ago; fine. There’s other accomm on Lantau, but I mostly haven’t tried; a search I tried a while ago turned up Lantau Resort, near Pui O (edited  18 Nov 08 – sadly seems to have vanished); also at Pui O, there’s Treasure Island If you do stay on Lantau, please let us know how you get on. Martin


            have you tried the Long Coast Seasports at Lower Cheung Sha Village. It’s small, they have only 4 rooms, but overlooking the beach. Good view. Very warm atmosphere.


              Tim – have you got the contact details for Long coast Seasports?


                Are there any accommodation on the outlying islands..near beaches..in the mountains? Holidays homes? Village weekend houses?

                I dont know why there arent’ more restored village houses converted into holiday homes..


                quick google search, and just found website for Long Coast Seasports

                Yes, seems great potential for converting village houses for tourism, inc aimed at HK city residents. But authorities generally useless here – cf Tourism Commission with ideas for spa-resort (and conference centre) at Cheung Sha. Villagers maybe often lack money; plus risky and maybe some red tape. While when developers get hold of land, they seem intent on major concreting, oblivious to potential of agri-tourism.
                Good, tho, if can find and support small hostels etc.[url]

                Some time later: just been to Cheung Sha, and noticed Long Coast Seasports, next to the Stoep
                – seems pleasant spot; far better than barmy grandiose spa resort mooted for Cheung Sha (a little to west of here?)

                Post edited by: martin, at: 2005/11/20 19:08[/url]


                  I stayed there last weekend. Cool. They have small rooms, but it’s clean and tidy. The beach is not very busy so you can really relax.

                  Their website is http://www.longcoast.hk. Check it out and they’ve got almost all details on web.


                    I plan to do the Lantau Trail , all 12 steps, alone, starting January 21st 2006.
                    I am a slow hiker , how many days do I need ?
                    Are 3 days enough ? Where can I find information about this trail, most importantly about where to sleep. I do not want to camp.

                    Thank you for any recommendation Francoise


                    Three days should suffice. You’ve seen Agriculture n Fisheries Department’s page, Lantau Trail? Read thro above posts in this thread for some info on accommodation; maybe aim to hike as far as road, take bus to accomm, bus back and continue. Martin


                      thinking of staying over in Long coast seasport for a night over the coming weekend, want to do a day of walking around, seeing different things including the lung tsai ng yuen mentioned in one of the section. Is it easy to get to from long coast seasport? And are there any other places to walk / hike around and see different things?


                      Hi Mary:

                      Pretty easy – can get to start of the walk by Tai O bus, passing just above Seasports.

                      Yes, plenty more on Lantau; even strolling Cheung Sha beach is good.
                      Various other Lantau articles on this site, under Places section.



                        Sounds like a great adventure. Would you consider using an Internal Frame Backpack.

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