HK Standard: Lantau faces despolation

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    Ecotourism Lantau’s final chance is the title of an article by Doug Crets in today’s Standard.

    Mentions attempts to operate and promote ecotourism on Lantau (and in Sai Kung area); also the Sustainable Development Plan for Lantau I’ve written (with help), and which is on this site (comments welcome).


    Yet the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s advertising includes almost exclusively high-profile attractions such as the Big Buddha, Disneyland and shopping. The Tourism Board and Tourism Commission did not respond to questions about the lack of incentives for people looking for a nature break in Hong Kong.

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      Check Doug Crets’ article from today

      Tang tries to allay Lantau concerns

      Henry squares off against Clive Noffke.

      “Development which opens this amazing place up to interested tourists, will see our children continuing to enjoy the peace and excitement that only nature brings. We need to think a bit longer than next year and ask what do we want Lantau to look like in 30 years,” said Clive Noffke, spokesman for the Green Lantau Association.

      “Once that question is answered it will be apparent that many of the half- baked ideas for development will fail the test, including theme parks.”

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