Hong Kong 2010 air pollution worst ever

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    smog shrouded kowloon hillsFrom Bloomberg:

    'Hong Kong will record the worst year for roadside pollution since the city started collecting readings in 1999, according to calculations made by Bloomberg based on government data.

    Roadside smog reached “very high” or “severe” levels on the city’s air pollution index, triggering government health warnings, at least 12.6 percent of the time at monitoring stations this year, even without including data collected this month, Bloomberg calculations show. That compares with very high or severe roadside pollution recorded 10.62 percent of the time during the whole of 2009.

    People in the city are the unhappiest in the world with their air quality, with 70 percent of those polled expressing discontent about the levels of smog, according to a Gallup survey of adults in 153 countries released in April. The next most disgruntled country was Chad.

    Hong Kong's 2010 Pollution Level Is Worst on Record

    Even looking at air lately, seems remarkably filthy.

    The respite we had last winter – when China's factories were operating more slowly, sometimes halting for long periods – is over. Useless HK Government won't be boasting about its pisspoor Action Blue Sky campaign, methinks.

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