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    Just received word – long after the fact maybe – that the trail from Tai O south through Yi O to Fan Lau is now open, tho only hikers who are keeping it open. Can become overgrown. (Had been closed coz of stroppy villagers at Yi O; the Lantau Trail now detours up and past the village.)

    Also: at Bride's Pool, the path down the ravine to Cheung Mei is open again, after the footbridge has been repaired.

    Stage 4 of Lantau Trail, from Ngong Ping to the road to Tai O, has been changed due to massive landslide that slashed through the trail above Shek Pik Reservoir. Now, from north of the Tea Gardens, heads south along a tree trail, then up hillside to skirt around south slopes of Nei Lak Shan. Then down past the cablecar station, and down road from Ngong Ping.


    Hong Kong Pathfinder is available in several local bookshops, and can be ordered online through Swindon Books Online – direct link is Hong Kong Pathfinder.


    Just received this email, via publisher:

    This is an excellent publication and I have enjoyed many of the walks in this book during my numerous visits to Hong Kong.

    However the walk "Over Lion Rock" needs some correction which you may consider if the book is reprinted in the future.

    In the "Getting there" section bus 72 no longer goes along Tai Po Road. The start of the trail is served by KMB bus 81 which starts at Jordan (Wui Cheung Road Bus Terminus) Regards Ian Boyce

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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