Hong Kong’s trees need protection

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    Everyone, except the developers perhaps, realizes that trees gather up much of the particulates, which we don’t want in our lungs instead.

    Trees do much more than collect particulates. They make our city more liveable. They reduce noise and glare. They stabilize soil, preventing landslips. More trees can help to cool down our city and reduce reliance on air- conditioning, not to mention softening the harsh concrete that is all around.

    writes legislator Choy So-yuk in Breath of fresh air sorely needed, a commentary in the Hong kong Standard. She berates the administration for its failure to protect HK trees; last time it was moved to protect a tree, put fence around the Wishing Tree.

    we can easily see the need for laws to protect trees to protect ourselves. In particular our health.

    Why is it so difficult for the administration to understand this? When was the last time our chief executive took a walk through Victoria Park?

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