In favour of concrete – maybe.

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    Did a circular Sai Kung route to get to some rockpools last weekend. And I like many enjoy the quite unpaved mossy forest trail, or even those ancient stone paths through the pass. But if I see an oldstone bridge with one of it’s pieces replaced with a concrete replica I don’t complain too hard. I mean at least they are trying, and I can imagine the difficulty of getting the legco budget for a stonemason and helicopter for a brook. Although I personally would vote for that budget, if the money was available.
    And if the Maclehose trail is concreted over the popular sections, I might even think the winding glow looks reassuring in the moonlight. Especially when I see the alternative boot erosion of a favoured bit of countryside.
    But this weekend I was spiting bile as I descended what amounted to a suicidal path between Chek Keng and Lok Wu. Boot erosion was so bad as to make the path virtually impassable, and any young family taking this alternative path would be looking to do someone an injury, if they escaped injury themselves. OK it’s not an advertised trail, but it’s a well used one.
    If the price I have to pay for a safe route and an uneroded countryside is a concrete path, then so be it. I’ll support anyone who can get a better alternative past our government auditors, but I won’t support inaction.

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