Kite Surfing in Hong Kong

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      Being a keen Australian kitesurfer spending a week in HK (from Nov 15th 05) en route to Thailand can anybody give me any info on KiteSurfing in HK? I came across this site as google picked up on it but havent yet found any details on kitesurfing details or best locations. Anybody recommend a beach preferably on HK island, which is likly to have on shore wind around mid to late november? :P


      There are some windsurfing activities in HK. But normally I don’t find HK is a windy place. I haven’t seen any kitesurfers. I have found a link to show you some places. The place on Lantau is far away from HK Islands. I gues it will take 1 hour to go there.

      Take the MTR train to Tung Chung Station and the bus NO. 11 from Tung Chung Station. When you see the coast line (the road is like a T and the bus turns to the left) it’s time to get of. On your right hand side you wil find the beach. Have a nice time in HK.


        Thanks for the information I’ll check out the link.
        Could the site administrator please delete the other copy of this post please that I accidentally created and also move this one into the more appropriate ‘Activites’ folder ? thanks!


          Thanks Martin. One of your neighbors on Cheung Chau has emailed me re calling him when I show up so I take it he is one of the regulars you’ve seen. With a bit of luck you’ll see four people on the water come late November.


            Thanks also Diane & Charlie I’ll check those sites out. If either of you are kiters and fancy getting out there let me know and maybe we could meet up if conditions allow. :)


              i live in Guangzhou and want to buy my own equipment.does any one know where i can buy second hand kite boarding equipment in HK, or even better does any on know any adresses of kite boarding factories in china that i could contact directly.
              thanbks for your help.


                i am also looking for similar equipment inc 12 m & 16 m kite. If you find a Naish or Air Rush factory outlet, do let me know. All stuff is currently made in China/Shenzhen.


                  Hi Diane: I am moving to HK in January. How is the kiting in HK, water quality, wind speed, launching and landing areas etc? What time of the year? How far do you need to go to find somewhere pretty good, by car, plane or boat? Cheers, Gez


                    Yeah I’m interested in some gear as well if anybody has any info on where in China I can get a Cabrinha Crossbow (with bar & Lines) or Globerider Sonic. If anybody in HK is up for a kite between Nov 15th -> 21st call me at the City Garden hotel (at Northpoint on HK island – dont know the room number yet obviously) and mention my name, they should be able to track me down or pass on a message. I’d rather go out on the water with a local than on my own.

                    Jamie Hooton.


                      Recently saw 3 french dudes out at Tai Long Wan kite surfing. Conditions were gusty and the wind dropped in the afternoon. Surf at the moment is top notch, heading to Tap Mun soon.
                      Also saw kite surfer in Sai Kung last week out at the sand spit, good place to launch and fly, though need a lift on a small boat to get there, which can be easily arranged for a few $$


                        You can find hong kong’s spot , photos ,wind info & gears.


                          Hi Jamie

                          I don’t log into this website often so apologies about the delayed response.

                          I am a sailboarder, not a kitesurfer, so if this doesn’t bother you we could still meet up at Cheung Chau on the water….but I may be going faster that you! Ha -ha 👿

                          There is a windsurfing club near the helipad on the main beach which is now only open on weekends. If the winds is up, I will likely be there or on the water. If the wind is not up, it a great place to have a beer and pray for wind. The members are friendly (even to kitesurfers) so pop by and say hello!



                            Hi Gez

                            Hong Kong is not Maui – you don’t move here for the wind conditions and clean water. That said, you can get enough wind to go kiting enough times of the year to make it worthwhile and I don’t know of anyone yet who got really sick from kiting or sailing in HK waters. Avoiding rubbish floating in the water can also be a amusing aversion on occasion too!

                            The HK observatory (see link in previous email) has weaterh history so you can get mor statistics on average wind speeds (and perhaps water quality at government beaches as well) if you want to get more precise information.

                            The good thing about HK is you can get to beaches with local transport – buses and ferries – within a hour of ‘downtown’. No need for a car!

                            If you want to go somewhere great for kiting, Boracay in the Philipines or Penghu in Taiwan are ‘flights’ away although you will spend the most part of the day getting there.

                            Happy kiting


                              Sounds good Diane. If you want to send me your email address to [email protected] I may tee up something with you. :cheer:


                                there is a small kitesurfing scene in HK – believe it or not even in Shenzhen! (where i live)
                                im a kitesurfer originly from Israel, living in Shenzhen now
                                you do get nice Monsoon winds here – and there is a really nice beach in SZ very good for E winds
                                email me if you want to see some pics too (or buy used gear :) )


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