Lam Tin Snake I.D.

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    Was just passing through the Laguna City park for lunch today when I was greeted by a 4ft brown snake that quickly moved from one flower bed, accross the sidewalk I was on, and then up another flower bed out of site.
    *Very slender with almost a ‘racing’ form of locomotion.
    * Mocha colored, head to toe
    * Easily climbed a 2 foot flower bed box
    * 2 inches in diameter

    Any ideas of the type of species of this critter? I saw signs in this park back in October mentioning that skin sheddings had been spotted in the park and for passerbys to use caution, but never gave it much thought until today. Really surprised to see this in a busy park..


    I did go to Kadoorie Farm a couple of days ago.
    Mentioned snake to animal expert Paul Crow, and he suggested Indo-Chinese Rat Snake: mocha colour fits, and fast moving.


    I saw one of these brown fellas in Chung Hom Kok last month.

    Slithering on the staircase above the kids park at the beach. I’d say he was a six footer.


    The description fits in with the indo-chinese ratsnake, and also many other colubrids.

    Laguna city park is surrounded by concrete.. the nearest places likely to be a snake habitat are the Sai tso wan and Cha kwo ling tsuen. but those are just a small piece of greens.

    Probably that was not a native species. You know in Hong Kong there are many possibilities of snakes being escaped or released.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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