Lantau buffalo n cattle survey 9 June 07 – volunteers wanted

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    LIM is helping to organize a Survey of Buffalo and Cattle in the South Lantau area that is to take place on Saturday 9th June.

    The survey is to be conducted in conjunction with Lantau Buffalo Association and Green Lantau Association. AFCD will be on the scene to verify our findings officially. We also hope to involve some of the village representatives so that the process is seen to be fair from their point of view.

    The purpose of the survey is to provide an accurate and independent assessment of the numbers of Buffalo and Cattle remaining in the area.

    Many of us have been alarmed by the rapid reduction of the population of bovines in the area resulting from the controversial and in our view excessive cullings by AFCD in the last two years.

    We hope to put an end once and for all to the most unsatisfactory way in which the bovines issue has been handled for a number of years.

    Once we have established the facts about the remaining population, the NGOs will together prepare a proposal to the Rural Committees, District Islands Office and AFCD for the sustainable management of the herds at agreed ranges of population size for the foreseeable future.

    Please help us by participating in the survey if you possibly can. Family members including children are of course most welcome to join in. Please also encourage friends and neighbours to participate.

    Several teams will be required for;
    -Mui Wo
    -Pui O/Nam Shan
    -Shap Long/Ham Tin
    -Cheung Sha
    -Tong Fuk and
    -Shui Hau/Shek Pik

    Please confirm your participation back to LIM no later than Monday 21st May, indicating which area you would like to cover and how many of you can actually participate. Please also provide your mobile phone number.

    Further details will be provided as the plan unfolds but we are expecting to hold a briefing meeting a few days before the event and, hopefully, a party afterwards!

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