Lantau plans – an email to govt

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      This thread discusses the Content article: Lantau plans – an email to govt Dear Dr Martin Williams, I fully support your email to HKSAR. Regards Ben


      Hi Ben:

      Thanks for the supportive message.

      To my surprise, been invited to attend the meeting of the Planning, Lands and Works panel, re Lantau.



        I have just found your site after a web search on the South Lantau Development project. The project seems to be now in full swing. I was hiking along Section 11 of the Lantau trail (the catchwater leading to the Tung Chung road) when I heard the sound of a donkey engine. I rounded the corner to see the Highways Dept taking core samples from both sides of a deep gully above Cheung Sha. When I asked why they were doing this, I was told that they were building a road bridge. Knowing nothing of the South Lantau plan at that time, I was amazed as to why they would build a bridge in the middle of bush above a catchwater. Only after doing some web research I have discovered that they are re-aligning the newly widened Tung Chung road so that it “lands” into Cheung Sha, thus abanding the twisty section that runs up from the south Lantau road. I guess this is all part of the plan… Are there any detailed plans of these things such as major road re-alignments? All I can find are some general sketches in publicity pamphlets. Surely there must be plans we can see at some Govmt office…


        Hi Ian:

        Thanks for the post.
        I know there’s been some improvement of road to Tung Chung, underway for a while now – hardly ideal, but there is more traffic, and seems better than a mooted road leading north from Mui Wo.
        I’ll contact Green Lantau Assoc re this, post more info if any.



        from Clive Noffke, of Green Lantau Association:

        Thanks for forwarding that. Indeed it is the new Tung Chung Rd alignment (Country Park section) that your correspondent saw. The JV building the road has set up a website for the EM&A report (which I monitor). It contains a description of the project, the alignment, and the current (monthly) state of play.

        The Country park section was agreed by my predecessors in GLA who felt that the government arguments for going off-line (essentially achieving a gradient of no more than 15 degrees) were incontestable. The EP is very stringent however, and EM&A report at 190 pages (each month!), is testimony as to how stringent it is. I have walked the alignment with the Project Manager in February, and felt they were really trying their best. Regards Clive



          Thx for posting my question to Clive. I now have a great deal of information about the project now. It has been a relevation to me now that I’m semi-retired and able to escape the Discovery Bay ‘bubble’. (Living as I have done in DB for 10 years, just proves how much of a bubble it is!)

          I guess the Tung Chung road alignment is a done deal, which probably will turn out for the best. However, looking at the concept map for Lantau, I’m not at all sure about “Nodes” and the proposed amusement park are welcome, as you have pointed out. BTW, I spoke to a new owner of an apartment in Caribbean Coast hi-rise in TC who was very unhappy about a spare plot of land near his flat that has been earmarked for the main equipment and holding site for the construction materials for the Macau/Zuhai bridge… Seems lots of TC owners are getting upset. Ian


            There is a walk from TC to Tai O – (thinks its June 05), Martin has more info on this…where all the TC residents should come and raise their concern. It is a chance to see all the potential projects earmarked for the Lantau Coastline, including reclamation of Tung Chung Bay.

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