Lantau plans an unsustainable hotchpotch

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    Here’s a letter I sent the South China Morning Post re the government’s plan for Lantau; appeared in the Talkback section.

    The hotchpotch of ideas for Lantau developments, released by the Lantau Development Taskforce following public consultation, clearly shows the taskforce lacks a coherent vision for Lantau.

    And as all the suggested projects will involve at least some degree of concreting and environmental destruction, with none aimed at enhancing Lantau’s natural beauty, the list shows the taskforce is intent on old-fashioned, concrete-style development. The taskforce has claimed the development plans will be sustainable, yet seems to think “sustainable development” means, simply, “continuing, non-stop development”.

    Contrary to the views of people such as Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee, “greenies” including me are not opposed to development – but support true sustainable development, which will bring economic progress and keep Lantau beautiful for future generations.

    Other places in Hong Kong – such as the northwest around Yuen Long – would suit concrete-based projects like the “indoor ski resort” (!) or “entertainment city”. Lantau is one of China’s loveliest islands; any developments here should be planned accordingly.

    Dr Martin Williams
    Hong Kong Outdoors

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