Liberal Party on Lantau

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      Hello Martin,

      So have you read through the Liberal Party’s comments on the Lantau Island Development Concept Plan

      Some parts are interesting, but some parts are crazy bordering on insanity:

      ~ To increase the potential of Cheung Sha as a water-sport centre, a breakwater might be built to reduce the weather impacts to the beginners of some water sport activities, e.g. wind surfing. The proposed breakwater could also be used as a runway to facilitate the aviation of small planes.

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      Hi Tom:

      Thanks for this – hadn’t seen the comments.

      Wasn’t quite as scary as I thought before checking it – had expected “Liberals” to be supportive of concreting every possible corner. Still, some curious ideas – not just the breakwater, but the idea of turning Cheung Sha into a “Sporty and Trendy Town”. Hmm…. 😡

      Can’t some people like these figure that it’s best not to mess with lovely places like this? Some promotion could bring people to Cheung Sha, could then generate income through relatively low key places, like the Stoep and neighbours; also making for something else for visitors to do on Lantau, helping island as a whole.
      They’re right, tho, to question weather here – not just northeasterlies; also southwest monsoon, monsoon rains, summer heat, winter chills…

      And that casino idea – what’s that all about? Lantau really needs this kind of thing? – I don’t think so. Letter to the SCMP today suggested turning Cyberport into a casino – seems far better idea to me. Or maybe there’s some space near Selina Chow’s and/or James Tien’s homes?
      (If a casino’s built: what happens if n when mainland China opens a few casinos of its own?)


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        The Liberal Party website uses frames, so the URL I listed the first time I thought was to the page broken out from the frame.

        The sporty and trendy town comparison to Venice Beach or Sausalito in California doesn’t mesh very well with Lantau. It also doesn’t mesh very well with the private spa proposed by the Tourism Board. (Head of the Tourism Board = “Queen” of the Liberal Party) A bit like Discovery Bay was originally supposed to be private resort with a public golf course, but has become a public development with a private golf course.

        The casino is just silly. Especially since it’s supposed to be for tourists only. When will the proposed development be for the people who live on Lantau (as opposed to absentee landlords wanting to cash in on property speculation)? As you say, there are business owners in these areas that would be helped by sensible and sustainable development beyond a one-time cash payment to sell out to the usual suspects.

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