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    The Man Hong Kong International literary Festival will run from 8 – 18 March this year, and we have some stellar authors coming. In particular, we thought that HK Outdoors might have some members who would like to attend events that have a specific focus on the environment.

    This year we have our headlining author, Margaret Atwood, speaking to us about our relationship with the environment, exploring the consequences of everything from climate change to genetic engineering.  Works like Oryx and Crake and Chicken Little Goes Too Far, a short story from her most recent mini-fiction collection The Tent, depict a world in which our actions have wreaked irreversible havoc on the environment.  In “Devastated Environment: Not Just Science Fiction”, Ms. Atwood talks about sustainable development and the need to take action.  Another author who believes in taking action, Julia Whitty, award-winning creative writer, world traveller and environmental journalist, discusses how writers can return to the natural world for inspiration, wisdom and meaning in “Environment Under Threat: Writing Creatively About the Environment”.  Birdlovers will be thrilled with Graeme Gibson’s latest miscellany, The Bedside Book of Birds.  Mr. Gibson is Joint President, with Margaret Atwood, of BirdLife International’s Rare Bird Club.  He is also Chairman of the Pelee Island Bird Observatory, and has been a council member of W.W.F. Canada.

    It would be great to send some of this information out to those who love the great outdoors. If possible it would be great to send some information out on your website, or though your newsletters. I would be happy to provide any materials to assist you in this.


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