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    If you’re interested in marine conservation and – like many people here – you have a Facebook profile, check out the new Living Seas group. HK Outdoors contributor Charlie Frew is among the founders. [blimey – already gone, see next post; lasted even less time than a big garoupa at Hoi Ha…] Still, keeping this post as next bit still ok Rather appropriate cartoon in today’s SCM Post: facebookfish.gif


    Hi Martin

    Love the cartoon, how appropriate and true…

    We have being playing around with using a Facebook group for Living Seas Hong Kong, but current conclusion is that we are imminently going to launch a website and will have a great forum feature there, hence we will not use Facebook at this time. Sorry for any confusion. For the moment I have removed the Living Seas Hong Kong group on Facebook.

    We look forward to getting everyones involvement later. I will send the URL via this forum when we are ready to launch… Watch this space.

    All the best


    Hi Martin is up and running. It is still not quite right, more content needed…that will come.

    Check out the Forum section, where we hope people will get involved in Marine Conservation issues in Hong Kong

    More soon



    Visit Living Seas (URL above), and you can now sign online petition re wanting to safeguard Hong Kong’s marine environment.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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