Meeting w Selina Chow re Lantau

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      This thread discusses the Content article: Meeting w Selina Chow re Lantau

      Shouldn’t the punch-up be done when public is watch?



      Yeah, when there are some tv news crews around.

      I’d like a ringside seat, please. :P

      But, maybe we’ll find that some more dialogue helps explain to Selina C (and others) about these mysterious creatures called greenies, and even regular people. And how we want development – but sustainable type, not just big silly concrete projects that cost far more than they earn, while wrecking yet more of the planet.



      just sent this follow-up email to Ms Chow; can but try, eh?!

      Dear Ms Chow:

      Thank you for meeting Lantau residents, and me, regarding the future of Tung Chung, Lantau – and even Hong Kong tourism (!)

      As I hope you will have seen from the Sustainable Development Plan for Lantau, it is not correct to say “greenies” are against economic progress.
      Instead – speaking for me at least – opposed to Big Silly Concrete Projects, that maybe masquerade as “development” but can cost far more than they recoup (anyone willing to show us figures for Cyberport?)

      The Plan – much as the plan from Loy Ho of the Lantau Post – places great emphasis on tourism on Lantau, making use of existing attractions, many of which are little known.
      Would you be interested in visiting some of these places, maybe on a quick tour? If so, please let me know; it should be possible to arrange something.
      Best regards,


        Mrs Chow seem interested only on where money is floating. Perhaps we need to form Lantau Tourism Bureaue to show our TB Director what hidden potential that could be. I am also quite annoyed that our lady is sitting on the West Kowloon Cultural District tourism promotion chair. Sorry to say, but I never see her visiting Cattle Pot or Kowloon City herself. Really worry what she is going promote this project with? I am just not convinced, but what would she cares?


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