Mosquitoes in Hong Kong: diseases (dengue, encephalitis), re

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    This thread discusses the Content article: Mosquitoes in Hong Kong: diseases (dengue, encephalitis), repellents TV news just has item on rising number of dengue fever cases in Guangzhou. Googling, found this news item: Dengue cases in south China province jump to 124 – though the figure is already outdated, according to the news, with further jump in past few days. Includes:

    Dengue is a serious infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It kills 25,000 people and infects more than 100 million each year in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, according to China’s Ministry of Health. Since the 1990s, dengue has broken out occasionally in Guangdong and neighboring Fujian province, mostly on a small scale. Large outbreaks took place in Fujian in 1999 and in east Zhejiang province in 2004.

    – I’m not sure if dengue is relatively new to s China; whether warming might help the mosquitoes that are vectors. Here in HK, as I recall, we have mosquitoes that can be vectors, but not v efficient with dengue. They are, I think, daytime fliers and biters.

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