Nan Sang Wai, Yuen Long

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    As our Hong Kong’s famous Miss Crocodile “Pui Pui” had been captured months ago, the place Nan Sang Wai was rarely heard from local news. I went to Nan Sang Wai last Sunday to took some photos, it looked rather different from the last time I visited there a year ago, people had delibrately set fire to burn down grasses 😡 :mad:!

    I believe the grass will grow quickly and restoring the scene, and now it’s still worth going there to take a walk at the weekend! :) IMG_3232a.jpg


    Hi Dennis:

    Yes, Nam San Wai dropped off the radar after the crafty croc was caught; glad to see it still looks a pleasant place. (In case anyone seeing your photo is inspired to visit, any tips on how best to get there?)


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    The url below may help

    I set off from West-rail Yuen Long Station, walked along the Yuen Long Kau Hui Road to Shan Pui Village, and took the “Kai Do” sampan to cross the river (HK$5 each person), and returned on the same route.

    Hope the above info could help. :rolleyes: IMG_3276a.jpg

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