New resort in Cheung Sha?

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      Hi there, I heard that there will be a new resort opened in Cheung Sha, Lantau in 2005. I got some photos of it.

      Wow, it is so beautiful!!!!! But unfortunately I dunno much details so anyone can tell me if it has opened & any contact info. Thx so much. Cheers! Chanpee :)



      Thanks for the post, Chanpee

      Wonder if you’ve been to Cheung Sha; these shots don’t look like any part of Cheung Sha that I’ve yet seen.
      Never mind, Cheung Sha is a lovely place as it is – doesn’t need a resort like this. (Imagine staying there in our chill winter, or our uncomfortably hot and humid summer, during rainy monsoon … Better leave such resorts to places with really good holiday weather, as well as unpolluted seas, and more land available – here, those of us living in HK already have v few unspoiled beaches to enjoy.) B)

      You can read short article I’ve done on Cheung Sha, plus see some photos actually taken there on this site: check links on left.


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        Thanks so much for your reply, Martin.

        Arrr…. I’m a local but even didn’t notice it was not belong to any place in HK. How silly I was. I live in N.T. so seldom go to outlying islands.

        Again, thanks for making this site and all those lovely photos. I enjoy them so much.



        Hi Chanpee:

        I guess the “photos” are from someone with ideas for a resort at Cheung Sha.

        But as mentioned, I think Cheung Sha is great as it is. V nice, if you get chance – and the weather isn’t just this interminable rain 😡 – to walk from west to east along the beach, then over small headland to place with some restaurants in village houses just above tideline, including The Stoep.
        There’s also a small hostel-cum-watersports centre, which I haven’t been to but sounds promising. (If you search these forums for “watersports” may find post with link to website.)

        Many thanks for the comments about this site. :)


      Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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