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      To all you fishermen, please use this forum to discuss anything fish related.
      If you want to organise a trip, talk about what you caught, where you have been or provide any tips then feel free to write away.


        We are new arrivals in HK… Doing a search for fishing trips/charters in HK my husband is a mad fisherman our 3 boys are up for a couple of weeks holidays so need to keep them entertainment …

        Cheers Pauline


          Pauline, Asiatic Marine has number of options available for fishing. [BUT now based in Malaysia…]

          Please send an email to [email protected]


          Hi CHarlie,
          I’m Joe from Malaysia. heard from Martin, you’re fishing magazine writer and a good angler too :laugh:

          i hardly do offshore, exspecially after tsunami, as you know, it was happen in my neighbor country.
          freshwater is my fulltime playground now.
          how about you?
          like to hear from you,

          have a nice day,



            Hi Pauline
            Have been here for 18 years and fished offshore every year. we get a lot of Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, several types of Tuna, Sailfish and .. Black Marlin.
            Have a look at
            kim Stuart IGFA Rep. Hong Kong


              There is an open fihing competition leaving from Clearwater Bay Marina ay 07.00 on 31 July.
              If anyone is interested in chartering Mojo then please contact Asiatic Marine.


                Call into Sai Kung if you ever have time away from Malaysia.
                We got a range of saltwater fishing, (flys), reservoir fishing and offshore trolling to suit most needs, and swap stories over a beer or two.


                  Hi Charlie,

                  This is not related to offshore fishing however it is related to fishing….I’m thinking of buying a speedboat, the ones that the local fishermen use, the blue colour one that is commonly seen around Hong Kong. Would you happen to know where I could get one, either new or secondhand…also would be good to know the price…I’m planning on getting one to get around sai kung to go fishing…

                  Appreciate any help.




                    Plenty of them around but careful of the licensing procedure.
                    Those sampans are actually only used for Fish farms with a max capacity of 4 pax and HP of 15, but this is all a grey area under marine dept policy.
                    I can ask around for you but depends on what size engine you want and budget…u should check out Sai Kung waterfront and some of the fish farms, don’t expect them to be of high integrity and I would be cautious in going too far out or even around the headland – big seas and steep cliffs make for messy rescues. Another broker able to help you would be Terry Fung from Cyclone Runners – do a google check and give him a call.



                      Hope all is well. Quick? How much do you charge to go to the Oil Rig? Also how long would it take to get there?

                      Look forward to your reply.




                        Hi Charlie,

                        very interested in your message on Sai Kung. Am returning to Hong Kong in September for 6 months and would love to get some fishing in (fly and freshwater) Any info please let me know. The beer soungs great as well.


                          Hi there folks. We have set up an online forum just for fishing (english) in HK both salt/freshwater …

                          Best regards,



                          Hi Gonefishing:

                          Hope the forum goes well; look forward to seeing link to hkoutdoors on it.



                          hi..where’s the best place for offshore fishing in Hongkong? it’s nice being here :D Thanks


                          www dot williamjoseph dot net – fly-fishing equipment

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                          (fly by nite posters, adding URLs, not so welcome; but hopefully nemo will become a regular poster)

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                          Hi Nemo:

                          Good to have you here; you planning on heading over, maybe with some sea fishing tackle?

                          Not sure if Charlie’ll divulge a trade secret or two; but can see fishermen on places like rocks by Po Toi (looks like they are left there by boat, and presumably collected later).


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