Olympics 2008-12

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     i was unable to obtain tickets for mainland or hong kong venues from uk via internet or travel company with flight tickets – and packages were doubled in price from Hong Kong with only one entrance ticket.

    this was partly an attempt to complete a three year course proving  EFL, ESL, TESOL knowledge and application.

    i would like to know from ANYONE with chinese as first language, capable of some english too, WHO VOLUNTEERED OR WAS PAID STAFF AT ANY VENUE OR RELATED ACTIVITY INCLUDING WEBSITE UPDATES:

    1) how did you hear about the work and get the position

    2) were english skills requested – and was any test applied, written or oral?

    3) do you consider yourself a fluent bilingual or trilingual speaker and writer/reader? 

    4) in your opinion – is english your second language or a foreign language?

    5) where did you learn english and for how long?

    6) did you have any training for english use specifically for the Olympic position? 

    7) what methods were used for 6)

    Not exactly WILD I know – or was it? All e-mail requests have proved fruitless, so this is another way to meet my deadline of completion by 22 August! Save equals Send?



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