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    from ClimateArk:

    There may be no organization on the Earth more deserving of a boycott, or that continues to do as much damage to the Earth’s climatic systems, as the petroleum behemoth ExxonMobil (also known as Esso). As the world’s largest and most profitable oil company, ExxonMobil has the power to move the world toward a more sustainable energy future. Instead, ExxonMobil has consistently moved backward on energy policy by opposing efforts to stop global warming, failing to promote renewable energy and fuel efficiency, and seeking to drill in pristine wilderness areas in America and elsewhere. Enough is enough. ExxonMobil needs to shed its past as an irresponsible oil company and move forward as a responsible energy company – one committed to more than drilling at any price – or it must be put out of business. Tell CEO Lee Raymond how you feel about ExxonMobil/Esso’s policies – sending an email pledging not to buy ExxonMobil’s gas, invest in ExxonMobil’s stock, or work for the company. By doing so, the ClimateArk network will be participating in the longstanding and global "Stop Esso Exxon Mobil" campaign
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