Po Toi Island

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      This thread discusses the Content article: Po Toi Island Do the signages in PO TOI are clear for the visitors?? Did it have any environment problems???


      I think there are enough signs.

      Not big env problems that I can recall.

      Hope you’ll go n have a look!



        did it many visitors on Sunday?
        I want to have a look, what things I need to beware?


        Hi Mike:

        Glad you’re interested in visiting.

        Sometimes, can be a lot of visitors on a Sunday. Mainly on “ecotours” – big groups led around by leaders with flags (and maybe loud-hailers); in spaces between groups, peaceful.
        But I went to Tung Ping Chau recently, expecting just such groups – after many of them on my last visit – and only rather few visitors. So, not sure if these “ecotours” are less popular (hope so – seems to me they pack people in, do things pretty fast, and not great for participants, altho cheap).

        I suggest you check ferry timetable, get there in advance so that maximise chance of getting on ferry (no advance booking that I’m aware of).

        The southern trail is easier to follow; but in hot weather carry plenty to drink – maybe water and a bottle of sports drink. (No stores away from main village area.)
        No good sign to point out just which is Turtle Rock etc (when I last went); but Buddha’s Hand easy to recognise. I recommend walking onto the rocky, southern headland; take care, as some steep cliffs.

        Rugged Trail is indeed rugged; not real tough, but take more care if you try. Less people along this.

        Hope this helps. If you do go, please post a message about results – whether you liked it, had any problems etc. (And if you’ve photos, you could post two or three of best ones if you register here.)



          I had a look before..It’s really really great environment!!!
          Not difficult to walk around with enough signages!!

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