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    Far be it for me to contradict an expert.
    I remain just an enthusiastic amateur.

    I had not answered as this was difficult without more information, and I feel that is what our expert felt too.
    It was a good statistical guess, being in an urban park (rats), and the most common (most likely choice).
    The slenderness worries me, especially as the word ‘very’ was used.

    I have encountered snakes in parks that had water (rock waterfalls and fish) that were keelbacks and racers. Showing my ignorance because if I cannot identify a slim, fast snake I put it in the racer category, knowing only the mountain racer in HK. Mountains not normally being found in parks.

    Keelbacks like fish and are common, I have seen them close to urban areas. The colour might not be right though.

    I fear, mystery unsolved.
    But statistically the expert should be correct.


    I didn’t know your story it’s just for your reference.

    The 2 native ratsnakes (Ptyas korros and P. mucosus) are actually not ratsnakes. They don’t belong to the ratsnake genus. They still eat rats but they favorites are frogs and toads.

    If you find snakes in an urban area, even in parks, that could be something not native. I’ve seen many times of snake escape and also snake release.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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