Shark fin off menu for Hong Kong government

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    HK Govt press release, with some great news!

    Government determined to support sustainability-conscious food consumption


    To demonstrate its commitment to the promotion of green living and sustainability, the Government pledges to adopt sustainability-conscious food consumption during official entertainment functions, which includes no consumption of shark fins.

         "The Government is determined to take the lead and set a good example on this front that goes beyond the minimum expectation as laid down in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)," a Government spokesman said today (September 13).

         Noting that no shark fin, bluefin tuna and black moss would be included in the conservation-conscious menus of official entertainment functions, the spokesman explained that all of the three items aroused international and local concerns either because they are captured or harvested in ecologically unfriendly or unsustainable ways or there are other conservation concerns.

         "Since it is not possible to list out all food items of concern exhaustively, the exclusion of these three items from official menus is a start and also serves as an example of raising public education and awareness on sustainability.

         "The Government will keep in view the local and international trends on green living in line with a sustainability-conscious lifestyle and update the list of items from time to time," the spokesman said.

         Bureaux and departments will also notify their hosts in advance whenever possible when functions are organised by others that government officials will not consume shark fin, bluefin tuna, black moss and their related food items. Appropriate bureaux and departments will also encourage public organisations funded by the Government to adopt similar practices.

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