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      Being a big ocean enthusiast from the Pacific NorthWest, I am curious about where to find more info about shark awareness in Hong Kong. For example, should I be concerned while swimming at an unknown beach? What types of sharks inhabit the area? Are there any pointers/advice I should know for this region like don’t go swimming with a fresh cut of juicy prime rib in my pocket? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




      Hi Chrisman:

      Charlie can answer this better than me.
      But, briefly, sharks are very rare in Hong Kong – and it may be that right now, there aren’t any dangerous sized ones in Hong Kong (or even close by): shark fin business helped ensure this.
      A few years ago, there were a few attacks, with some people killed [article on this site], but just possibly only one shark involved (migrating into area; and maybe not much fish to eat?).
      There are shark nets protecting most of main swimming beaches, so keep in these if you’re still concerned – but I guess that if a shark does happen by, it may well be sighted quickly, or you would be v unlucky to be its first bite. :ohmy:



        You would be doing some wonderful research if you did swim around with chum in your pocket – then we would know what sharks are around….and we are not talking about the Macau type.
        Due to the inherently poor vis we can’t se them, but they can sense us for sure – makes swimming outside of protected beached quite exciting.
        My advice go to any beach, go swimming and have fun. Stop worrying about sharks, and the government can’t help you as they have no idea or advice either.
        BUT please report back to this site and tell us if you do see a shark chomping on your prime rib eye steak.
        If you are still not convinced head to a public pool and swim with the blood worms – you’ll be safe there.


          Thanks Charlie and Martin. I have always figured that I had better chances at winning Mark 6 than having a brawl with a shark. Coming from Vancouver Island (West Coast of Canada), I am use to beaches with 30m between my neighbour and I instead of 3cm. Hence, I like the idea of the untouched non-public beaches like the one I discovered up in the New Territories conincdently on Sunday after watching Leonadro Di Caprio in “The Beach” the night before. But then of course having dinner with a few locals the following day, I was given a thorough lecture on sharks and where I should be swimming and that should definitely not be where there isn’t anyone else.

          I think a good indicator is the number of creditable and related hits that “Shark Attack Hong Kong” results in on Google. It seems that the closest is about Disney and their Shark Fin soup ideas. Anyway, I have also contacted the leisure department. I will throw their response in here as perhaps they might have something updated and useful that other people might be interested in.

          Thanks again!

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