Sharks Sighted?

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    This just in…not sure on authenticity as visibility is lousy at the moment and seeing Tigers travelling in a pack of 4 in 2-3m of vis seems unlikely. Enjoy the sea.

    18 June 2007

    Dear Members & Friends,

    We have been approached by the Hong Kong Police and would inform our
    members the followings :
    Shark Sighted

    I would like to inform you that Marine East Division received a
    “Shark Sighted” report on 2007-06-16(Saturday). Villagers of Hebe Haven
    saw FOUR Tiger Sharks, which were 10 feet in length, under the sea of Port
    Shelter area(near Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), when
    they were diving there.

    I would be grateful if you could brief your members to be alert when
    they enjoy their sea activities in Sai Kung waters.


    Agree that it’s the season for bad visibility with all this rain. Might be lost in translation as the University overlooks the bay.
    I would however take this sighting seriously.
    It is the area that Tigers have attacked in the past.
    I have been expecting an early summer, yearly migratory return of at least one 20ft tigershark to this area for over a decade.
    My fears were groundless but with this sighting within a few hundred metres of a previous attack, I wouldn’t be taking any early morning swims at Silverstrand for a while.

    I’m not saying these sharks are neccesarily dangerous, but I believe a particular shark visits this area. And it has killed before in successive summers.


    Oddly, on Sat, walked Dragon’s Back and the sea below – esp Big Wave Bay – looked wonderfully clear. (Tho water at Shek O not so crystal when later swam there, tho plenty of plastic bags etc floating around.)

    Charlie won’t be real fast replying, as out diving near the Ninepins.
    Cue Jaws music – dumm duum duum dumm….


    As expected my inside informant with a reputable newspaper has this to say, and she’s real shark conservationist at heart as she dives regularly. I think there are too many ‘villagers’ having one too many drinks in the aft…

    the complete story was, LCSD report from a citizen he saw shark in repulse bay on june 17th, inside the shark net, and the government flying services received the report and check out the area, and then they saw a dark shadow around chun hom kok beach, a further look into it, it was just a big school of fishes.

    well, we still didn’t know if there’s really shark in sai kung…..

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